• TSM is introducing a new bar code scanning capabilities in April 2013 to save processing time when raw materials are delivered to its plant
  • For this, vendors are required to prepare a QR Code shipping document from the new TSM Vendor Portal Web
  • The shipping document will contain 2D codes (QR) that can be scanned directly into TSM system; raw materials will then be automatically received into the system without any typing done
  • Benefits to vendor: goods are received faster; less waiting time at the plant for the paperwork to get done

Process Overview

  1. Vendor provides an e-mail address to TSM procurement dept. to be used as the username to login to the TSM portal
  2. Vendor signs up for a password at the TSM portal (first time only)
  3. When the goods are ready to be shipped to TSM, vendor prints the QR code shipping document and bring it to TSM with the goods
  4. Vendor brings the QR code shipping document to TSM. TSM staff checks the physical goods and scans the QR code shipping document to process the goods receipt